Haltech CANBus V2 Protocol Info

At FTY, we’re working through Haltech’s CAN Bus information. The CAN ID information is available out there, but it’s pretty hard to find So, we thought we’d post a handy reference, just in case you end up in a situation where you’re trying to find CAN information to use with your own dash, data logger, gauge, whatever.

Haltech’s CAN protocol uses 11-bit identifiers and runs at 1Mb/second. Data on the bus is encoded as big-endian, and most of the values are in metric. So, kph, kPa, kelvin, Liters, stuff like that. Here are the hexadecimal ID’s for information on the bus.

These IDs work on the Haltech Sport series ECUs, but may also work on their other ECUs, too.

ID Update Frequency Bytes Data Units
0x360 50Hz 0-1 RPM Revlutions per minute
2-3 MAP 1/10th KPA
4-5 TPS 1/10th of 1%
0x361 50Hz 0-1 Fuel Pressure 1/10th KPA
2-3 Oil Pressure 1/10th KPA
0x362 50Hz 0-1 Primary Injector Duty 1/10th of 1%
2-3 Secondary Injector Duty 1/10th of 1%
4-5 Ignition Angle (Leading) 1/10th of a degree
6-7 Ignition Angle (Trailing) 1/10th of a degree
0x368 20Hz 0-1 Lambda 1 .001 Lambda
2-3 Lambda 2 .001 Lambda
0x369 20Hz 0-1 Miss Counter
2-3 Trigger Counter
4-5 Home Counter
6-7 Triggers since last home
0x370 20Hz 0-1 Wheel Speed 1/10th KM/h
2-3 Gear
4-5 Intake Cam Angle 1 .1 degrees
6-7 Intake Cam Angle 2 .1 degrees
0x372 10Hz 0-1 Battery Voltage .1v
4-5 Target Boost .1KPA
6-7 Barometric sensor .1KPA
0x373 10Hz 0-1 EGT1 .1 Kelvin
2-3 EGT2 .1 Kelvin
4-5 EGT3 .1 Kelvin
6-7 EGT4 .1 Kelvin
0x374 10Hz 0-1 EGT5 .1 Kelvin
2-3 EGT6 .1 Kelvin
4-5 EGT7 .1 Kelvin
6-7 EGT8 .1 Kelvin
0x375 10Hz 0-1 EGT9 .1 Kelvin
2-3 EGT10 .1 Kelvin
4-5 EGT11 .1 Kelvin
6-7 EGT12 .1 Kelvin
0x3E0 5Hz 0-1 Coolant Temp .1 Kelvin
2-3 Air Temp .1 Kelvin
4-5 Fuel Temp .1 Kelvin
6-7 Oil Temp .1 Kelvin
0x3E2 5Hz 2-3 Fuel Consumption .01L/hr
4-5 Average Fuel Economy .1L