1G DSM ECU Breakout Board

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Our 1G DSM ECU Breakout board is designed so that you can upgrade, modify or replace your factory ECU with an aftermarket ECU without cutting your existing factory harness. This kit consists of the ECU plug soldered to a printed circuit board and a 3D printed case to keep everything neat, clean and away from metal parts that would otherwise ruin your day. Great for tuners or racers serious about ditching the 30 year old factory ECU, you just solder the wires you need to this breakout board to create a patch harness for the aftermarket ECU of your choice. Once you complete your patch harness, you can plug and play your new ECU without modifications to your cars existing wiring. This is a 1G DSM specific breakout board! We’ve updated this design slightly from the pictures posted here, we now include the DSM pin numbers on the circuit board to make wiring this easier. The PCB itself now has markings indicating the DSM specific pin numbers.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 7 in