Thermocouple conditioner/amplifier, 0-5V output, 0-500F temperature range


Measuring stuff that’s hot, but not that hot? I have a special version of our thermocouple amplifier that’s designed to measure from 0-500F and output from 0-5V. This results in an output of 10mv/degree Fahrenheit. There are a few reasons this is handy:

  • Increased accuracy compared to a thermocouple amplifier that’s designed to output an EGT-compatible scale
  • A human can easily use a multimeter to read output voltage from the amplifier, multiply by 100 and get a temperature reading easily without trying to figure out a transfer function in your head!

This uses a special amplifier and microcontroller onboard to measure the signal from any standard K-Type thermocouple and outputs a 0 to 5V signal corresponding to the input temperature. We use these for our own race car on temperatures like ATF and air temp sensor pre-intercooler. These temperatures can exceed the range of more traditional automotive RTD type sensors so using a thermocouple in these locations allows you to get more accurate readings for this critical information.

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We made the smallest k-type thermocouple signal conditioner on the automotive market! This is a completely custom design based on a standalone digital k-type thermocouple amplifer coupled with a Microcontroller to process and output an accurate and smooth signal to anything that accepts a 5V sensor input. It responds quickly, too – temperature changes are picked up within 125ms.

Simply attach a 5V power supply and ground, and this thermocouple conditioner will output a 0-5V signal in relation to temperature sensed from any standard k-type thermocouple. We personally use it for intake air temps (it’s especially well suited to pre-intercooled turbocharger temperatures in high-boost applications) or fluid temperatures.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 2 × .5 in
Temperature Range

0-500F 0-1800F

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